Extract taken from one of two records that were recorded in 1955 at my grandma's home at 68 Roman Way, Folkestone. Both are the old 78s. A smaller record contained the following interview with family members - while the larger record had two home performances of my grandma singing to her own piano accompaniment - One Night and One Alone.

Interviewer: Here we are once again and this time we are in Roman Way. And, at the present moment, we have a very attractive housewife who is a very good soprano singer. And she is known in the business, what is your first name?

Dorothy: Dot.

Interviewer: Ok, now Dot, let’s get a few details together. First you have dark hair. Could you describe yourself for me?

Dorothy: I’ve dark hair, blue eyes, weighing about 10stone, height is 5foot 7. 

Interviewer: 5ft 7. Now you have a couple of young kids, whose names are?

Dorothy: Jill and Ken. 

Interviewer: Jill and Ken. What kind of job does your hubby do?

Dorothy: Carpenter.

Interviewer: He’s a carpenter?

Dorothy: Hmmm, hmmm.

Interviewer: Well, he’s sat right beside you so we’ll have to go into a few aspects about your marriage and how you met him. Do you remember when you first met your hubby?

Dorothy: I met him when I lived in town.

 Interviewer: Oh, yes?

Dorothy: I was having a drink and I met a young man who asked me to have a drink … so I met this young man … and that’s how it happened.

Interviewer: Just like that?

Dorothy: (Laughing) Yes, just like that.

Interviewer: Now how old are you?

Dorothy: I’m 40 in September

Interviewer: You don't look it.

Dorothy: (Laughing) Getting on a bit. 

Inaudible – at the moment.

Interviewer: Now what do you call your hubby by the way?

Dorothy: Toby.

Interviewer: And what is his real name?

Dorothy: Glyn.

Interviewer: So where does the Toby come from.

Children laughing

Dorothy: It’s a nickname. His friends call him that.

Interviewer: Fine. Well, Glyn, how old are you?

Glyn: 41.

Interviewer: Just so you remember, although I’m asking you personal questions all the time, we have to bring out the little characteristics of you.

Dorothy: Yes.

Interviewer: Now Glyn, when you walk along the street, are you identified by the way you walk, the colour of your hair

Glyn: Unaudible.

Dorothy: Unaudible .. (Laughing).

Interviewer: So how tall are you Glyn?

Glyn: 6ft 1.

Interviewer: What do you weigh, roughly?

Glyn: 12stone 7.

Interviewer: What kind of work do you do?

Glyn: I’m a carpener.

Interviewer: Have you been doing that all your life?

Glyn: Yes.

Interviewer: In the services too?

Glyn: Unaudible.

Interviewer: Are you working on your own?

Glyn: Unaudible

Interviewer: What’s your favourite sport?

Glyn: Rugby.

Interviewer: Do you participate? Do you play so yourself?

Glyn: No, I used to before I got married.

Interviewer: So you had to give up once you got married (????)

Dorothy: No (Laughing), the needs of the house (Laughing).

Interviewer: I think it’s probably old age given as the reason.

Dorothy: Yes.

(Interviewer and Toby talking)

Dorothy: We’re settling down now. (inaudible, then Dorothy laughing).

Track fades away, then Interviewer heard saying “Let’s see what happens” .. then there is the sound of a parrot, talking. Ken can also be heard in the background.

Mickey the Parrot: Pretty boy, pretty boy. Track eventually fades out before fading back in, with the Interviewer now talking to Jill.

Interviewer: It’s Jill, isn’t it?

Jill: Yes.

Interviewer: Go and stand in front of your daddy so he can put his arms around you.

Jill: (Giggles).

Interviewer: That’s the idea. Now, how old are you Jill?

Jill: Nine.

Interviewer: What’s your favourite pastime? What do you like to do best? Drawing?

Jill: Yes.

Interviewer: What do you draw? 

Jill: A tree (????)

Interviewer: There’s another artistic person in the house (?????) I see. Let me describe or you describe yourself to the listening audience. What colour is your hair? Is it blonde?

Jill: Yes.

Interviewer: And your eyes are?

Jill: Blue.

Interviewer: And you say you are nine years old?

Jill: I’m nine-years old.

Interviewer: You are nine-years old. That’s fine. And what school do you go to?

Jill: Horn Street.

Interviewer: Horn Street School. And what’s your favourite sport? Do you play tennis? Do you play cricket?

Jill: Yes.