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"Margaret Weinacht and their six children (Elizabeth,Jacob,John,Adam,Abraham,and Mary) came to America in the late 1840s from Germany.  After landing in America, they settled in Milan (Franklin),Ripley,Indiana. Andrew was a farmer and had plots of land in sections 11 and 12, just outside of Old Milan. The Weinacht Name has been spelled many different ways. Some of the different spellings found in Census and Civil War Records are: Wynacht,Weniacht,and Wynought. [and Weinkecth (kdr)].  All of Andrew's sons entered the Civil War, but only John and Adam survived.  After the War John and his wife Catharine moved to Minnesota, and Adam (never coming home) went to California. Elizabeth married Benjamin F. Ransom from Milan, and Mary(Catherine)married George W. Crisler from Michigan. ...."


*Andreas and Margaret_____? and their six children arrived in America on July 8, 1847. They are listed on the ship Valhalla manifest that arrived in New Orleans, LA. Their seventh child, William was born in America. Jacob and Adam survived the Civil War, but Abraham was killed in battle near Murphreesboro, TN.